ROLE : Design



The film Crazy rich asians has a classic hollywood happy ending, complete with fireworks lighting up the singapore sky. we wanted to carry that high-energy, celebratory feeling into the main-on-end title sequence. the visual style takes inspiration from the graphic design of the novel’s cover, and also from classic hollywood musical numbers. iconic elements from the film are choreographed in a kaleidoscopic dance that transitions smoothly from one image to another, keeping the fun, upbeat spirit going after the main story is over.

Main On End Sequence Designed By: Yu+Co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

Executive Producer/SVP: Carol Wong

Producer: sarah coatts

Designer/Art Director: edwin baker

Typographer: Yuanchen Jiang, Yuee seo

Designers: grace kang, yuanchen jiang, Eugene seo

Designer/Animators: Yuee Seo, Yuanchen Jiang, christina liang, sun ah kim, Axel Alvarez

Animators: Tiber ergur, chris lopez, Jason Lee, denny zimmerman, Ian ross

Editor: Sam Schlenker

Compositing Supervisor: Gregory Jones

Music: “vote“ by miguel