ROLE : Design

Designers: Edwin Baker, Grace Kang, Christina liang



The Second Season of this limited series from USA tells the story of Julian, a young boy who poisons his parents.

It is soon revealed that these people were not really his parents, but were part of a cult that lives in the woods. Like the season 1 main title, this sequence delves deep into the psyche of the main character, expressing the psychological underpinnings of the story with imagery of Rorschach ink blots. We move through the layers of ink blot imagery, going deeper and deeper..when the title is revealed, the ink blot animates to form an image of Julian's eyes opening.

Main On End Sequence Designed By: Yu+Co

Creative Director: Garson Yu

Executive Producer/SVP: Carol Wong

Producer: Reno robertson

Art Director: Edwin Baker, Mert kizilay

Designers: Edwin Baker, grace kang, christina liang

Designer/Animators: Mert kizilay

Animators: Ilgi candar dyer, jason lee

Editor: Sam Schlenker

Compositing Supervisor: Gregory Jones